eBooks Service

Millions of readers are enjoying their favorite literature on  Smartphones, iPads, Tablets and desk top computers via eBooks. We believe that all our authors should also have an eBook version of their printed book to capture readers who prefer reading on their electronic device. After we have created your book for printing, it is a great idea to have an eBook as well.

With Life To Legacy, we will produce and distribute your eBook so it can be downloaded and read on various platforms such as: iPhones and iPads, Android systems, Nook, and Kindle platforms. Your eBook will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble.com, Google Books, I-Tunes and other eBook retailers.

Google Preview

An excellent way to get your book reviewed by friends, family, associates in social media, or book reviewers, is to have a Google Preview link.  The Google Preview link allows interested readers to sample your book online. However, the preview is secure and will not allow printing or copying. Additionally, the reviewer will not be able to read the whole book, but only a predetermined percentage of the book.  The preview link will also have links to Barnes and Noble.com and Amazon, so purchases can be made right on the spot. Preview links are great for sending a sample of your book to numerous individuals via email, without having to pay to send the physical book through the mail, or by parcel carrier.

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