Copyright Services

Have you ever had someone tell you about the poor manís copyright? This is where you place your intellectual properties (songs, poems, manuscripts etc.) in an envelope and mail it to yourself.  By doing so, the U.S. Postal Serviceís postmark establishes a date of authorship.  Some may even get their materials notarized to establish date of authorship. However, both of these methods are flawed and will not hold up in court. The only way to litigate for copyright infringement is to have your works registered with the Library of Congress, via copyright. This is the necessary protection recognized by the courts.

  • Life to Legacy will prepare and deliver to the U.S. Copyright Office all pertinent documentation.
  • Track the filing throughout the copyright process until you receive an actual Certificate of Registration.
  • Deliver 1 copy of your book for permanent placement in the United States Library of Congress.
  • Copyright protection for your written work is a smart decision for any writer. Copyrighting provides you with long-term legal rights and options to make the most of your writing. Remember, do not take a chance on the poor manís copyright technique!

    Copyrighting your writing provides you with several important rights. With copyright protection, you maintain your rights. The copyright gives you the right to seek financial damages against anyone who violates your rights as the copyright holder. Only by filing for copyright protection for your book, story, poem or screenplay through the US Copyright Office will you secure the right to seek financial damages if your rights are infringed upon.


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