The Life To Legacy Publishing Process

Getting a book published can take up to a year, however we will make our best efforts to have a book ready within 6 to 9 months. Below is the general course that will be followed in getting your book published.

1. Transcription Services (required for those who do not have a manuscript)

2. Manuscript Development: Once we have the manuscript, it will need to be both proofread and edited.

3. Once the manuscript is edited, it will be returned to the author for final approval to make any necessary changes.

4. Once the manuscript is approved by the author, it will then be transformed into a Text Galley also known as Text Proofs. Text Proofs are what the book will actually look like in book form. Once this is completed, the Text Galley will be forwarded to the author for final approval before the book goes to print.

5. Cover design: During this step, your front and back covers will be designed and forwarded to you for final approval.

Life to Legacy, LLC will design 1 attractive book cover for the Author. Authors with a specific drawing, illustration, or photograph in mind should include it with manuscript submission. If possible and if considered effective in marketing the work, designers will incorporate the image in the cover. Life to Legacy, LLC will consider Author suggestions but does not guarantee it can perform any unusual or special requests or that it will follow Authorís design direction. The Author acknowledges that Life to Legacy, LLC does not create original drawings, paintings, photographs or illustrations.

6. Once the book is printed, sample copies will be forwarded to the author for their final inspection and approval.

7. After the author has approved the finished book, they can order copies of the book through the Life to Legacy.

The price you will pay to purchase copies of your book from Life to Legacy can only be determined after the book has been completed. However, your cost to print copies will be low enough to maximize your profit margins.

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