Editing Services

Content editing: No matter how proficient of a writer you may be, all Manuscripts require editing which is a very extensive process. Your manuscript may benefit from editing for organization, flow and communication, this type editing is referred to as content or creative editing. In many cases, the editor must in rework the manuscript, in some instances, to a large extent.

Copy Editing & Proofreading: The next step is copy editing, which covers aspects such as punctuation, grammar, spelling, proper usage, and consistency.   Once the manuscript has been edited, it will then be proofread to insure there are no remaining errors.

Once the proofreader approves the manuscript it will then be returned to the author who will thoroughly examine the manuscript and give the final approval to move on to the next stage.

Whether you’re a student, business professional, writer or anyone else looking to improve your work, Life to Legacy Editing offers unparalleled proofreading, editing and writing services tailored to your needs.

Choose Life to Legacy Editing Service, to edit your novel and receive personalized service and ongoing support long after the editing is completed. Our experienced editors know what agents and publishers are looking for. Many are published authors themselves. Our goal is the same as yours - to see your work in print.

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