Manuscript Development Services

We are committed to helping create quality literature that will spark a revolution in the publishing world. How are we doing this? By giving voice to those that have a story to tell, but would not be published by mainstream publishing houses. However, giving voice to the untold number of people that have something to say all begins with a good manuscript. Our method of manuscript development is unique in that we do more than edit for grammar and spell check; we actually enhance your material so you will shine like an accomplished author. How do we do this? In many cases, we actually create the manuscript from the material that you submit to us, whether it be handwritten, type written, or audio recordings.

When we finish your manuscript, it will have tight sentence structure and consistent plot construction. We will give your ideas a logical flow that will be exciting and interesting material for your readers.  Yes, your readers will want to finish your book. Our primary goal is to make sure your manuscript is not only the best it can be but that it is saleable. With semi-self publishing, you should know who your audience is because you are in charge of how your book is marketed. If you are a pastor or a lecturer you already have an audience, having your books at speaking engagements gives you even greater credibility.

Things to Consider

1. Determine your goals as a writer and for the manuscript.

2. Know your audience. Who is it that you are trying to reach?

3. Are you open to constructive criticism? We make detailed recommendations to rewrite and revise specific paragraphs and chapters with the book’s market in mind. As we develop your manuscript, we will be advising you about its content and construction along the way. Though it is always our desire to complete manuscript development in 3 to 6 months, depending upon the size of the manuscript, it could take up to year.  Here is where patience is needed. However, the end result will be a literary work that everyone will be proud.

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